Nintendo Console Dashboard – Linked Pictures

I was taking a glance around the Excel tag in the WordPress Reader, when I came across the following blog post about Linked Pictures in Excel.

This was a little bit of a revolution to me; when I made the Nintendo console dashboard I struggled to work out a passable fix for including dynamic pictures in VBA, ultimately deciding to scrap the code and just go with no pictures. Now that I know how to use Linked Pictures with named ranges to allow dynamic updates I could easily go back and update the old Dashboard!

Dashboard With PicsWhere it’s appropriate I’ll definitely use this method elsewhere, it saves busting out VBA and causing a potential hiccup when a user doesn’t enable macros which is always a concern I have when using VBA.

The link to the blog post above is a tutorial for using this method if you’d like to find out how to do it yourself!

The file is available here if you want to prod around yourself.



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  1. Nice Dashboard.

    Glad to learn that my blogpost of Lookup image helped you enrich your Dashboard. 🙂 Indeed that is a very good trick for Dashboard,


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