Doing the Basics: Workbooks

A workbook is simply the name for an Excel file. When you open Excel, clicking on Blank workbook will create a new Excel workbook for you to begin working with. You can also open an existing workbook, to pick up where you left off.

Starting a New Workbook

On the start page of Excel, in the ‘Home’ tab, you’ll find the option to create a new Blank Workbook in the top left corner.

You can also go to the ‘New’ tab on the left to find a variety of online templates that might help get you started.


Opening an Existing Workbook

On the ‘Home’ tab, you can see a list of recently opened workbooks below the search bar. Click the relevant file to open it within Excel.

You can also go to the ‘Open’ tab on the left to see other locations where you might’ve saved files and to browse your file explorer if necessary.


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