Doing the Basics: Worksheets

A worksheet is the name for the space where you will keep and maintain data. Often called ‘tabs’ or just ‘sheets’, there can be multiple worksheets in a workbook, each containing specific data and analysis.

Selecting a worksheet

When you open a new Blank Workbook, Excel will automatically open a blank sheet for you, named ‘Sheet1’. The names of your worksheets will appear at the bottom of the window.


Inserting a new worksheet

You can insert as many worksheets as you require into your workbook. To insert a new sheet, click the plus sign at the bottom of the window.

Which gives you:


Renaming a worksheet

Naming worksheets can help you organise your data and make it easier to find what you’re looking for when revisiting older workbooks. Simply double click on the sheet name to allow you to type a new name for your worksheet.

Alternatively, you can right click on the sheet name, and select ‘Rename’.


Moving worksheets

If you’d like to reorganise where specific worksheets can be found on the bottom of your document, you can move and drag them into your desired location.

Which gives you:


Delete a worksheet

To delete a worksheet, right click the sheet name and select ‘Delete’.


Copying a Worksheet

As you may have already noticed in the above example, after right clicking the sheet name you can also select ‘Move or Copy…’. This allows you to make an exact copy of the desired sheet, maintaining all of the data and formulae used in the original sheet. Then you can modify the original or copy as required.

Selecting ‘Move or Copy…’ creates a dialog box:

Select ‘(move to end)’ and make sure you’ve checked ‘Create a copy’. Then hit ‘OK’.

Which gives you:

If necessary, you can also copy a worksheet to another workbook, using the drop-down box in the ‘Move or Copy…’ dialog box.


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