Weekly Visualisation Highlights 04/01

Here’s some of my top picks for visualisations I’ve seen over the last week, mostly curated via twitter. Each does its own job well, and through a combination of artistry and data storytelling conveys complex information in a compelling manner.

#1: Japan Population Density Map, by Terrance Fosstodon

Japan Population Density Map;
terence fosstodon @researchremora

#2: Tech Layoffs, by Andrew Barnett and Ming Li of the WSJ


#3: The Prevalence and Impact of ADHD, by Jacqui Moore

The prevalence and impact of ADHD;
Jacqui Moore @jaxx084

#4: Old Map of European Time Zones, Royal Library of Belgium

Different Times in European Cities;
KBR, Royal Library of Belgium

#5: Temperature Anomaly Map of Europe, ECMWF

Temperature Anomaly Map of Europe, 1st January 2023;
European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF)

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