Lightweight DND 5th Edition Item Tracker (Excel)

Taking inspiration from this old blog post from Rotten Pulp, here’s an (optional) item tracker that you can use to keep a more immersive record of what your character has equipped and where. The tool itself covers most of the rules you’ll need to be aware of for this new ruleset. I took some guidanceContinue reading “Lightweight DND 5th Edition Item Tracker (Excel)”

Lucy in the sky with asteroids — Miscellaneous Details

Well done to the data team at The Economist, having to visualise a 12-year journey of a space probe as it makes a flying visit to eight different asteroids. They’ve made a very complicated journey look quite straightforward and elegant. A probe intended to study the Trojan asteroids takes off – The EconomistLucy, as this […]Continue reading “Lucy in the sky with asteroids — Miscellaneous Details”

Lightweight Excel DND Dice Roller

To compliment my lightweight offline Excel DND character sheet, I’ve created a dice roller to be used when playing the game. It can be used completely offline, and should run on basically all versions of Excel (provided macros can be enabled). Please feel free to use this and share as required: For more Excel savvyContinue reading “Lightweight Excel DND Dice Roller”

Micro How to… Format Data as a Table

How Step 1. Highlight the data table Step 2. On the Ribbon, open the Insert tab, and select ‘Table’ (Shortcut CTRL + T). Step 3. Hit Ok on the Create Table dialogue box. You should now have a table that looks like the following: Why should you format data as a table? Data formatted asContinue reading “Micro How to… Format Data as a Table”

Lightweight Excel DND Character Sheet

Last year, after starting an online Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign with friends to get through the lockdown, I made an Excel Character Sheet so that my players could keep track of their in-game character stats and items. Please feel free to use this and share as required: Need a dice roller to goContinue reading “Lightweight Excel DND Character Sheet”

Data Science Project – Patient Pathway Analysis

This is a short piece on a project I’m developing at NHS England, using Python to analyse patients’ inpatient care and determining where a Clinical Commission Group’s (CCG) patients are being treated significantly differently to those patients in its peer group CCGs (similar 10 CCGs as determined by NHS Rightcare Methodologies).

HOW TO… Excel: Create a hierarchical series of drop down boxes

As a result of prodding around the excel subreddit I found a query from user innocuous_gorilla about creating drop downs that are dependent upon each other. Due to working at NHS England where we have a massive array of organisation types and hierarchies, I quickly learnt how to do this! For example, in NHS EnglandContinue reading “HOW TO… Excel: Create a hierarchical series of drop down boxes”

HOW TO… VBA: Compare VBA Combo Box Values with Their Lists

Preamble So, a recent issue I’ve had using VBA to create UserForms to handle data input is data validation. Throughout my UserForm I’ve included a variety of Combo Boxes that contain lists of information the user can select. In most instances I would like the user to have inputted exactly one of the options withinContinue reading “HOW TO… VBA: Compare VBA Combo Box Values with Their Lists”