How to… Consolidate Quarterly or Monthly Data Using Power Query

Do you get regular data files that you need to consolidate/compile together for a report or dashboard? This method will help you keep your reporting files lightweight and portable, while making updating their data as easy as pressing Refresh. The basics can be done in five easy steps. For our example, we’ll be using theContinue reading “How to… Consolidate Quarterly or Monthly Data Using Power Query”

Lightweight DND 5th Edition Item Tracker (Excel)

Taking inspiration from this old blog post from Rotten Pulp, here’s an (optional) item tracker that you can use to keep a more immersive record of what your character has equipped and where. The tool itself covers most of the rules you’ll need to be aware of for this new ruleset. I took some guidanceContinue reading “Lightweight DND 5th Edition Item Tracker (Excel)”

Lightweight Excel DND Dice Roller

To compliment my lightweight offline Excel DND character sheet, I’ve created a dice roller to be used when playing the game. It can be used completely offline, and should run on basically all versions of Excel (provided macros can be enabled). Please feel free to use this and share as required: For more Excel savvyContinue reading “Lightweight Excel DND Dice Roller”

Lightweight Excel DND Character Sheet

Last year, after starting an online Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign with friends to get through the lockdown, I made an Excel Character Sheet so that my players could keep track of their in-game character stats and items. Please feel free to use this and share as required: Need a dice roller to goContinue reading “Lightweight Excel DND Character Sheet”